Are employee benefits the emperors’ new clothes?

To be nakedly honest “I’m not sure” is my answer as I start this piece. In my days, many years ago, supporting the needs of corporate clients of a major UK bank I was told “measuring ROI in employee benefits is like a quest for the holy grail, give up Jon, you will never succeed”, Read more.

7 December 2017

What is right with pensions?

We are pretty consistently being drip fed a message that Automatic Enrolment has been and is a “success”. However, is this really true?  Are the gains made so far meaningful and perhaps more importantly, will they be sustained as the impact of rising employee contributions starts to bite? According to the latest figures from the Read more.

4 December 2017

Black Friday giveaway

We recently wrote about the trumpeted success of automatic enrolment and highlighted the possibility that a chunk of the spectacular gain in saver numbers may be lost as individuals’ contributions treble in April and quintuple a year later, from their current levels. The long term detriment to our Society would be huge if that happens. Read more.

24 November 2017

Retirement and the 40, 40, 40, 40 rule

I was chatting with Greg the other morning about what we might cover in our next piece and we thought we might go further than our usual nudges towards better practise and be a little more challenging. The two main drivers of our newly found confidence are something I read over the weekend and an item Read more.

20 November 2017

A Silver Tsunami? Perhaps for some…

As Baby Boomers who have stayed loyal to their employer and their coveted final salary pension schemes for the last 30 or 40 years, retire happily in droves, spare a thought for those who for whatever reason, missed this savings ‘champagne supernova’. Will those who have worked tirelessly for decades in the public sector consider their Read more.

16 November 2017

Redefining healthy workplaces by 2022

The first “employee benefit” plan in the UK can arguably be traced back to medieval times when a King or nobleman would grant a pension for a job well done, typically in battle. Look how far we have come. Over time things have changed but looking back is not great when you need to plan ahead. Read more.

8 November 2017

Learning to avoid a disaster – financial education in the workplace

The financial futures of millions of hardworking employees are facing a retirement that might at best be described as frugal and for many, is likely to be somewhat reminiscent of a Dickens novel. There will be very stark differences, after work, for those employed in the public sector and those in the private sector. The Read more.

17 October 2017

Bitcoin: loose change or catalyst for pensions change?

Lets start with a brief history lesson: Pension schemes covering civil servants, teachers and police were set up in the 1890s. Railway companies were the first industrialists to offer pensions, followed by Reuters in 1882, WH Smith in 1894 and Colmans (yes, the mustard people) in 1899. In terms of investments, we have seen very Read more.

21 August 2017

The Generation Game is about to begin again – this time it really matters

I’m not talking of Mel and Sue leaving “Bake-Off” to step into Bruce’s patent shoes, but the entry of Millennials in vast numbers into global workplaces.   This is the generation that will define 21st century economic and societal success (or otherwise).   This is the generation that will need to act as a counterbalance Read more.

8 August 2017

Is your outsourced Employee Benefits manager just a broker?

We are all aware that outsourcing has become common in many areas of our business lives over the past twenty years. Some could argue that the management of Employee Benefits was one of the first disciplines to be outsourced. The question is, has this outsourced relationship been successful and is value really being derived to Read more.

24 July 2017