Employee Awareness

Any employee financial education or benefits communication programmes should be held to one test: employee awareness. If your employees are aware of the pensions and benefits you offer, and understand why they are a good thing, you are on the road to achieving a return on investment from your reward spend.

To create awareness, your messages need to be both relevant and understood. Clear, concise and varied communications are therefore the foundation of our employee awareness services. Our workplace pension communications services are underpinned by the Pensions Regulator’s six key principles for good member outcomes; ensuring employees are aware of the pension benefits is a crucial step in ensuring a good outcome.

When seeking guidance or support in financial matters, many employees view their employer as a natural first place to turn. Effectively communicating relevant and useful information in the workplace can have a significant impact on your employees’ financial wellbeing.

We can design and deliver a full employee communications programme to promote and support your workplace savings and employee benefits. This could include seminars, webinars, email campaigns, desk drops, posters, guides, checklists, presentations and individual meetings, as appropriate for your needs and budget. In addition, our market-leading benefits technology enables us to send individually targeted communications at key times, as appropriate for each employee.

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