RCL Consultancy asks the important, and sometimes difficult, questions, so you can ensure your employee benefits programme is aligned with both your business strategy and culture. By listening to your needs, we ensure your benefits package is built on solid foundations to deliver you a well-designed and valued reward offering.

Many benefits programmes develop over time. Often this can lead to a situation where you offer certain benefits simply because you always have. As your business and workforce demographics change, it’s important to keep your benefits under review so that your reward programme remains fit for purpose.

Our independent employee benefits consultancy services cover all aspects of employee compensation and reward, including:

Developing long-term relationships with our clients is crucial to our approach. Working closely with you, we develop a thorough understanding of your business and can then create and deliver sustainable, effective solutions that are appropriate for your budget. When sourcing suitable products and policies to underpin your reward offering, you benefit from our complete independence and in-depth knowledge of the market, so you get the very best terms and service standards available.

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